Surgery Centers

surgery centers

Valley Enterprises – the local leader in healthcare cleaning services – provides unrivaled commercial cleaning services to ensure the safety of your patients and staff. Whether it’s a hospital, outpatient facility, medical office building or surgery center, our team will ensure proper disinfecting and cleaning techniques that meet the toughest healthcare standards and regulations.

Medical facilities face many challenges including the need to implement science-based cleaning that focuses on both the removal of unwanted matter and proper surface disinfection. Our highly skilled team upholds the standards of hygienic cleaning by implementing a blend of cleaning process and effective surface disinfection with particular attention to high-touch surfaces.

Valley Enterprises proper terminal cleaning protocol requires that cleaning staff wear proper cleaning attire and personal protective equipment (PPE), including scrubs, gowns, hair net, gloves, face or eye protection and shoe covers. Hands are thoroughly washed before beginning work. The cleaning products, prep equipment and chemicals are sufficiently wiped with disinfectant agents to reduce cross-contamination risks. Before cleaning, our staff completes a visual survey to identify special problems, such as the presence of blood or other bodily fluids. If detected, our staff follows standard Occupational Safety and Health Administration-approved procedures required for bodily fluid clean up.